C# wrapper for OpenCv version 2.3.0 / x86


  1. Extract the rar file to any folder
  2. Copy cvwrapcpp230d.dll and cvwrapcs230d.dll (and pdb files if needed) to Debug folder of your application
  3. Copy cvwrapcpp230.dll and cvwrapcs230.dll to Release folder of your application
  4. Copy the needed opencv dlls to Debug/Release folder
  5. Make a reference to the wanted cvwrapcs*.dll within your c# project
  6. Genarally write the opencv code like in C/C++ with respect to the managed nature of c#
  7. To access methodes use the prefix cvlib.XXX
I use the wrapper frequently on a win 7/ x64 with visual studio 10 but have used it before on a win 7/ x86 and win XP too.
To avoid always copy the opencv dll's you can make a link to it in you PATH variable on your pc. Also its
possible to install the wrapper dll's in the global assembly cache.
If you have question feel free to contact my at
Be aware that there are still bugs in the code. So not everything will work like expected (Just i found this case with cvPolyLine
beside when i wrote this lines). Also there still some IntPtr's remaining in arguments... but the most things should work.